Asset & Income Assessment

On entering an aged care facility you must complete a combined Asset & Income Assessment Form SA457 and lodge with the Department of Human Services.  The assessment must be received back within 28 days of entering permanent Aged Care.

The Department of Human Services will use the Assessment to calculate your aged care fees and charges.

The information collected will be used to make a decision on the value of your assets and/or income to decide whether you are eligible for Government assistance with your accommodation costs.  If you are eligible the Department of Social Services will pay an accommodation supplement to MHAACS on your behalf.

The assessment  will also help you work out how much you can be asked to pay as an accommodation contribution if your are assessed as a low means resident.  The assessment will also determine the amount of any means tested care fee you may be asked to pay.

If you choose not to have an assets and income assessment you will not be eligible for any Government assistance with your accommodation costs and can be asked to pay the maximum means tested care fee.

Every Applicant has a different set of circumstances 

Please contact the General Manager Alison Clare on 08 88250000 to have a confidential discussion and estimate on what your fees would be.

Your individual circumstances are taken into account to determine fees and may be made up of some of the following:

1. Basic Daily Fee indexed in March & September  (Click here for the latest fees on the Dept of Human Services website)

2. Accommodation Contribution

3. RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit)

Definition:  RAD or Refundable Accommodation Deposit (previously known as a bond) is an amount of deposit paid to MHAACS to secure your permanent room based on your assets as assessed with the Asset & Income Assessment Form SA457 .  RAD's are fully refundable (100%) to the estate after notice of probate is received by MHAACS.

4. DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment)

Definition:  RAD's can be paid in full or part paid.  DAP or Daily Accommodation Payment is a daily payment calculated on unpaid RAD.  The calculation is based on the MPIR (Maximum Permissible Interest Rate) as outlined in the Department of Social Services Schedule of Fees and Charges.  

RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit)

RAD's are set on the type of room provided, and are agreed between MHAACS and the resident depending on the result of the Income & Asset Assessment.

Private Room with ensuite bathroom  -  $290000

Rooms with shared bathrooms - $280000

Shared rooms - $280000 per person

If your assets are above the price of the room, then your RAD will be set at the published pricing.  If your assets are above the First Asset Threshold as detailed in the Department of Social Services Schedule of Fees and Charges then your RAD would be calculated as Assets less the Asset Free Threshold.

Example A:

John Smith receives his assessment and his assets are $250000, and John is full pension with no other income. John has been offered a private room with ensuite valued at $290000.

Johns RAD would be set at $250000 - Asset Free Threshold (as at 20/9/15 $46000) = $204000

John has the options to pay the RAD

  • Full RAD
  • Part DAP/RAD

John chooses to pay full RAD.  Therefore there is No DAP to be paid.

DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment)

Example B:

If John chooses to pay part RAD of $150000 leaving $54000 unpaid RAD.

DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment) would be calculated as follows

$54000 x MPIR (Maximum Permissable Interest Rate) as per Department of Social Services Schedule of Fees and Charges  divided by 365 days per year = the DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment) to be charged.


If your ACAT has approval for respite, MHAACS may offer minimum 14 days and up to 63 days per financial year, depending on the availability of Respite Beds.

The Basic Daily Fee applies to respite Days.  Please see the  Department of Social Services Schedule of Fees and Charges  for the current basic daily Fees.

Please note:  During Respite Continence Aids are not supplied.

Aged care Calculator

The My Aged Care website provides a calculator to assist in calculating fees.


Please be aware the information provided is generalised as everyone has a unique individual set of circumstances.

Please give MHAACS a call or complete the enquiry form to discuss your situation in confidence directly with the General Manager - Alison Clare at  Moonta Health & Aged Care Services Inc - 08 8825 0000




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